LINC Box September 4th + 5th

Be sure to check out the items we’ve added to the Farmigo Store this week! The online store will be open every Wednesday and Thursday for you to choose items you can have included in your LINC Box delivery the following week. We’re excited to offer items like herbal tea bouquets, carrot bunches, and bread from The Grain Shed! You can find the Farmigo Store by logging into your LINC Box account and clicking “Store.”


Watermelon or Strawberries - Full Bushel Farm, Medical Lake, WA

Cherry Tomatoes - Jackson Farm, Spokane Valley, WA or Ace of Spades Farm, Spokane, WA

Snacking Peppers - Full Bushel Farm, Medical Lake, WA

Rainbow Carrots - Full Bushel Farm, Medical Lake, WA

Radish Bunches - Urban Eden Farm, Spokane, WA

Herb Bundle (Thyme, Sweet Marjoram, French Taragon) - Smoot’s Flavor Farm, Pullman, WA