Farm Spotlight: Peak of Abundance Farm

Peak of Abundance Farm, run by LINC Malt’s Maltster Brandon Gerard, is a community based urban farm in Spokane Valley. The beautiful beet bunches featured in this week’s LINC Box are just one of many vegetables grown at Peak of Abundance Farm. Brandon uses regenerative agriculture practices as the guiding principle of his farm which includes practicing no-till farming, using local compost, and applying compost tea to boost microbial activity in the soil. Brandon hopes to provide his community with the most nutritious produce possible while helping to build a local food culture.

Find more produce from Peak of Abundance Farm at the Spokane Valley Farmers Market!


Q&A With Brandon from Peak of Abundance Farm

Q: What are some examples of regenerative agriculture practices you use on your farm?

A: The farm is basically no till. I do one very shallow till (two inches max) at the beginning of the season to incorporate soil amendments like compost. Other then that I only use a rake and broad fork. I have also been bringing in locally made compost every year and I use a compost tea to boost microbial activity.

Q: What are your main crops?

A: Beets, carrots, radish, lettuce, turnips, garlic, tomatoes, peppers ,summer squash, and eggplant.

Q: How large is your farm?

A: The farm is on a little less then an acre but only half of that is in production.

Q: What goals do you have for you farm?

A: My goal is to build soil and biodiversity on my farm. It has been a very laborious process of turning a field into crop land but one I truly enjoy. As far as goals for the greater mission of the farm, I hope to help provide my community with the most nutritious produce possible while, at the same time, building a sense of ownership over the local food culture. We see a growing emphasis on local and sustainably grown produce all over the world and I think it’s finally getting to that point here in the Spokane region. People are excited to be engaged in the identity of place or terroir food provides.

Q: What is your favorite veggie recipe using produce from your farm?

A: I would have to go baba ganoush with fresh pita or teriyaki green beans over brown rice.

Q: Where can you purchase produce from your farm, other than in the LINC Box?

A: At the moment I am only selling at the Spokane Valley Farmers Market. Next year I hope to do a farm stand on my property🤞

Q: What has been your experience with starting and running an urban farm?

A: I am so excited for the future of food. I think we are facing some pretty daunting challenges ahead to get this local food movement to the mainstream. But, wow, how far have we come in such a short time. I often find myself frustrated with my failures on the farm - ie pest,poor germination or weeds out competing crops - but then I realize how lucky I am to be doing something that makes me feel so empowered. I mean it may just be a beet or a carrot, but that will end up on someone’s plate. And that person will be nourished and then maybe that person will save someone’s life or teach a kid to read or run for office or reach a personal goal. And therein lies the hope for change, one vegetable, one meal, one person, one community, one world. We got this!!!🙌