LINC Box week of June 24 - CHERRIES ARE IN

We will soon be snacking on sweet, sweet cherries from Tonnemaker Hill Farm! Have you tried pitting and drying your cherries to snack on all season? Do you make cherry jam? Do you sit on your sunny balcony and eat the whole bag in one sitting? What’s your favorite way to eat freshly picked cherries?

Another big shout out to the vitamin-rich and versatile braising mix coming your way from Ace of Spades Farm. Show Amy and Alex some love on Instagram (@aceofspadesfarm)!


Sweet Dark Cherries - Tonnemaker Hill Farm (certified organic), Royal City, WA

Petite Leaf Braising Mix - Ace of Spades Farm, Spokane, WA

Purple or White Cauliflower - Big Sage Organics (certified organic), Othello, WA
*may be substituted for Napa Cabbage or Mediterranean Cucumbers

Salad Turnips - Big Sage Organics (certified organic), Othello, WA

Fingerling Mix Potatoes - Full Bushel Farm, Medical Lake, WA

Herb bundles - Footehill Farms or Smoot’s Flavor Farm


Bread - Culture Breads, Spokane, WA

Eggs - EGA Farm, Edwall, WA