June 21/22 CSA

Another week of wonderful Spring Greens! I promise other things are on the horizon. Soon summer squash, cucumbers, beets, and young onions will fill the cooler, but this week is a time to honor kale, lettuce, chard, and other leafy greens. I love kale fried up with bacon (lucky you who have protein shares this week- beautiful pastured bacon from EGA Farms!) or steamed in a little chicken broth with red chile flakes. We also have some beautiful baby neon chard from Ace of Spades farm, tender and young enough to be enjoyed as a salad. Ace of Spades is a beautiful multi-generational family farm tucked in the West Palisades of Spokane and Alex Ekins, the owner, also serves has the president of LINC's board of directors. Their new signature Homestead Salad mix makes an appearance in this week's boxes as well. Enjoy!

One more treat this week! Pure Eire dairy has send chocolate milk samples for all our shares this week! Order more in our online store!

Wednesday Drop Off

Kale, Urban Eden Farm, Spokane, WA

Petite Chard, Ace of Spades Farm, Spokane, WA

Purple Viking Potatoes, Cloudview Ecofarms, Spokane, WA

Parsley, Full Bushel Farm, Medical Lake, WA

Garlic Scapes, Cloudview Ecofarms, Royal City, WA

Carrots, Cloudview Ecofarms

Recipe: Not your Mother's Potato Salad


Thursday Drop Off

Baby Radishes, Ace of Spades Farm, Spokane, WA

Homestead Salad Mix, Ace of Spades Farm

Garlic Scapes, Cloudview Ecofarms, Royal City, WA

Strawberries, Cloudview Ecofarms, Royal City, WA

Kale, Urban Eden Farm, Spokane, WA

Recipe: Lemon-Thyme Radishes

Add Ons

Pastured Protein: Bacon, Breakfast Sausage, Ham hocks, EGA Farms, Edwall, WA

Eggs, JP's Chicken Farm

Yogurt (Plain, Peach, and Strawberry), Pure Eire Dairy, Othello, WA (Please note: yogurt shortage this week! You will receive plain yogurt with your share next week if you did not receive it this week.)

Cheese, Laurel's Crown, Othello, WA (Made from Pure Eire Milk):

  • Sweet Summer Gouda (Sweet Summer Gouda is made from Certified 100% Grass-Fed Whole Jersey milk and aged a minimum of 6 months)
  •  Luck of the Irish (Luck of the Irish is our ode to the beer lovers. Washed in Irish Prizefighter Stout crafted by Lake Chelan Brewery in Manson, WA.   Luck of the Irish has a subtle beer taste with a beer kick at the end.  A true local product - Pure E'ire whole milk, Irish Prizefighter Stout - crafted together by Laurel's Crown Cheese )
  • Othello (Othello is a Tome cheese aged over 6 months.  Crafted very gently - low temp, gently pressed, it reflects the 100% Grass-fed milk nuances. )

Milk, Pure Eire Dairy, Othello, WA

Bread, Culture Breads, Spokane, WA