June 29th CSA

More fruit this week! We brought in some extra-special stuff from OPMA (Okanogan Producers Marketing Association), a cooperative of small, sustainable family farms located in the Okanogan Highlands. 

Gonzaga Pick-up:

  • Raspberries (Jackson Farm, Spokane Valley and Prairie Pantry, Nine Mile)
  • Mediterranean Cucumber (Elithorp Farm, Deer Park)
  • Kale (Ace of Spades Farm, Spokane)
  • Broccoli (Cloudview Ecofarms, Royal City)
  • Kohlrabi (Cloudview Ecofarms, Royal City)
    • Ahh, Kohlrabi! The "WTF" of the vegetable kingdom. It has a crunchy texture and somewhat spicy flavor, sort of like a cross between a turnip and a radish. Shred it in salad or try making them into fritters. Find more tips here: 5 Tasty Ways to Prepare Kohlrabi.
  • Lapin Cherries (OPMA, Okanogan)
    • If you like Bing Cherries, you'll LOVE Lapin cherries. Beautiful red, juicy fruit!

McKinstry/Wells Fargo/St. Luke's Pick-up: