LINC Farmers: Important Education Events Upcoming

We are always striving to provide more educational opportunities to our farmers to help improve the co-op. Here are a few continuing education events coming up in the next couple weeks:

The first is our on-farm GAP field day at Estella Farms in Deer Park September 14th. We will have Tricia Kovaks of WSDA and at least one GAP auditor walking through the farm to answer all your questions about GAP certification. The workshop is free and lunch will be provided. We are very, very excited about this workshop and I hope ALL of you can attend!!!!!!!!! (Did I put enough exclamation points in there to get my point across?)

This book is the best. The. Best.

This book is the best. The. Best.

The next event is a Wholesale Success workshop being held on September 24th in Valley, WA. This event costs $25 with lunch and it includes the Wholesale Success book, which is an $70 value. This is a very, very important training which will put us leaps and bounds ahead in terms of actually running a competitive produce company. There will be a focus on production planning and growing for the wholesale market. If I had to choose between witnessing the birth of my first child and attending this workshop, I would choose this workshop.

Finally, on October 5th, WSDA is hosting a Local Buying Mission, which will get food buyers out on a variety of farms to help promote buying local and to foster connections between chefs/food buyers, and farmers. There will be a tradeshow with local farms at the end of the tour. I'll get you more info on this as it comes along, but it's shaping up to be another great one.

I should have more info with registration links very soon, and will send those along as soon as I have them. In the mean time, please pencil them in on your calendar. Thanks all!