Mind the GAP: Traceability and Recall

Hey folks! Welcome back to our food safety series! The next component in the GAP audit has to do with traceability and recall. Essentially, do you have a plan in place to trace where your products in place, and do you have procedures established in the event of a recall. Here's what that section of the audit form looks like:

For the most part, if you are selling on a local scale directly to your customers, your plan is probably fairly simple. Generally, you only need to be able to trace one step forward and one step backwards in the supply chain. 

Here's what the traceability piece of your food safety plan might look like:

You should include your recall plan as an appendix to your food safety plan. 

Below is what should be included in a recall plan:



You should conduct a mock audit once a year and keep a record of that mock audit. I made a little comic with the help of a handsome fellow I met at a coffee shop of what this mock audit would be like: