Sales Cycle: Fresh sheets will be sent to each buyer Tuesday and Friday mornings, and then orders are due by 11pm Wednesday and Sunday. We will make delivery to buyers Tuesday and Friday mornings.

LINC Foods can also minimally process (chop, dice, slice, mince, shred) any of the products available from farmers for an additional fee. Please contact us at to place an order.

Food Safety: LINC Foods carries a $5 million dollar product liability insurance policy and has a robust food safety program in place. We primarily source our products from our own farmer-members and require member farmers to put into place a basic food safety program as well as agree to not use pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and genetically modified organisms.

Payments: From Buyers: LINC Foods will take payment of invoices from buyers either with a check, preferably within 30 days of delivery, or you can check out immediately by setting up a credit card or ACH payment option on this market. To Farmers: LINC Foods will pay farmers (sellers) with a check within 15 days after delivery to us.

Fees: LINC Foods has an internal markup to pay for operation of the business. Farmers receive 75% of the revenue we earn through sales, and the markup is transparent for them as they setup their pricing. We allow farmers to set their own prices unlike traditional distributors which practice a take-it-or-leave-it price setting policy.

Produce Bin Return: LINC Foods will pick up all produce bins left with a customer upon the subsequent deliver to that customer. If a customer has not ordered for at least two weeks, LINC Foods has the right to pick up produce bins at a time convenient to our delivery schedule. If bins are not available for return because they are being used in some other way or have been lost, LINC Foods will charge the customer $20/bin to cover the cost of replacement.

Product Return/Refusal: LINC Foods will inspect products upon farmer delivery to us to ensure they are of high quality, not damaged or spoiled, and match the online description of the product created by the farmer. If the product does not meet the above standards, LINC Foods will send the particular products back to the farmer without pay. If a customer refuses a product upon delivery for any of the above reasons, LINC Foods will bear the cost.

LINC Foods, a Local Inland Northwest Cooperative, is a purpose-driven for-profit business that builds community health and wealth by creating the infrastructure for a local food system in the greater Spokane, Washington region.