LINC Foods has launched a craft malting operation called Palouse Pint. We purchase barley, wheat, rye, oats and other specialty grains from our local farmer-members, malt them, and then sell them to small craft brewers, distillers, home-brew stores and bakers. We aim to create malt with a great story, great flavor, and a regional character. 

All of our malt is single-source, grown by members of LINC Foods, and come with the story of the farmer, the crop and the grain.

We produce pilsner, pale, English Style Pale, Biscuit, Munich, Vienna, Crystal, Wheat, Rye and Oat malt.

Info Sheet Here.

We are featuring malt made from the beautiful grains grown in Colfax Washington by Joseph's Grainery!

Try our new Triticale Malt from MJW Grain Inc!


As a home brewer you can purchase our malt from Nu Home Brew and Bottle as each malt is finished. If you are a brewery or distillery, contact Joel at 509-230-1223.

All of our malts are sold in 1,500lb super sacks for bulk, or in 40lb food grade reusable buckets.

Spokane Pilsner - A very flavorful pilsner malt. 35 PPG, 1.85L, 80 DP. Made with Baronesse Barley from Joseph's Grainery. Analysis HERE.

English Pale - Our signature Palouse Pint base malt. It has more flavor than any base malt on the market. Think: "Maris Otter, but from the Palouse...and better." 35 PPG, 2.71L, 80 DP. Made with Baronesse Barley from Joseph's Grainery. Analysis HERE.

White Wheat Malt - Cashup White Wheat malted as a pale wheat malt. 37.5 PPG, 2.2L, 109 DP. Made with Cashup soft white wheat from Joseph's Grainery. Analysis HERE.

Crystal/Biscuit 40 - aroness barley kilned as a crystal malt, but more fermentable. Excellent biscuit flavor. 33.5 PPG, 42.8L. Made with Baronesse Barley from Joseph's Grainery. Analysis HERE.

Light Munich - 33.7 PPG, 7.5L, 65 DP. Excellent mild malt with bready and caramel flavors (can be used up to 100% in the grist). Made with Baronesse Barley from Joseph's Grainery. Analysis HERE.

Spelt Malt - 28 PPG, 5.3L, 170 DP. An ancient wheat with intense wheat flavor. Majority still in the hull and can be used at a high % in the grist. Homestead Family Grain's Canadian Spelt.

Triticale Malt - 37.5 PPG, 3.4L, 140 DP. Rye and Wheat hybrid grain. Very large, adds a fruity to caramel flavor. MJW Grain Inc's 141 Triticale, Ritzville WA. Analysis HERE.

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