LINC Box Member Policies

This year, our Local Food Share program will also have an online store where you can add products to your weekly share. You must place any orders by 11:00 pm on Friday for the following week's order. The order window opens the day of your delivery.

LINC Box members agree to each of the following when subscribing to our box service for any amount of time:

*I understand that if I do not pick up my share it will be distributed to other members or given to the needy. I do not expect to have my share saved.

*I understand that if I cannot pick up my share on a certain week, I need to login to my account and setup weeks to skip, at least a week ahead of a week you need to skip. If I successfully setup weeks to skip ahead of time I will not be charged for the week I cannot pick up my share.

*I understand that my membership includes 2 reusable wax boxes. I acknowledge that I am responsible for returning the previous weeks box when I pick up each week’s share so that it can be refilled.

*I understand that billing is "as you go", meaning that I will be charged for each delivery I receive a few days after I receive it. 

*I understand that I can cancel my subscription at any time, but will still be charged for any unbilled weeks I have received the LINC Box.

*I understand the shares will vary in size and weight depending on the season, they will be lightest early in the season.

*I understand that I am investing in a fertile local farm that is dependent on normal weather conditions to be most productive...and that this is awesome!

*I understand that there will be no refunds.

*I agree to pay a $15 fee for the reusable boxes prior to beginning of the Program.