The farmers which are members of LINC Foods are folks in the Spokane region who are committed to environmentally sustainable, socially just growing practices. Our member-farmers do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and also follow a standardized food safety protocol, ensuring top quality and safety in all our products.

If you are a farmer interested in joining our co-op, check out our membership guidelines to see if you are eligible to become a member. To join, fill out the membership application here, and our food safety checklist here. Once you have completed your paperwork, and been approved by the board of directors, you can list your products on our localorbit website.

if you make local value-added products such as juice, jam, tea, sauces, etc, you will need to fill out the Value-Added paperwork below, be vetted by our Value-Added product guild, then approved by the Board of Directors in order to sell your products through LINC Foods.

 Value-Added Membership Application, Value-Added Product Submital, and Value-Added Guidelines

Please email all completed paperwork to Thanks!

LINC Foods, a Local Inland Northwest Cooperative, is a purpose-driven for-profit business that builds community health and wealth by creating the infrastructure for a local food system in the greater Spokane, Washington region.