LINC Foods is worker/farmer owned cooperative food hub. We sell locally produced fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, meats, cheeses, and eggs to colleges, universities, hospitals, retirement communities, restaurants, and grocery stores. All of the products we sell are grown by our Farmer-owners in the Spokane area. We also have the capacity to provide minimal processing (washing, slicing, dicing, peeling, etc.) If you have a specific minimally processed product in mind, contact us!

In addition to wholesale local produce, we also cater to individual consumers with our curated weekly produce subscription, LINC Box. Pick-up sites are located around Spokane, Couer d’Alene, and the West Plains.

Our third business line is producing single origin, small batch craft malt for use in brewing and distilling.

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We provide the freshest produce possible. Our produce is often picked the same day it is delivered to your kitchen! Our farmers do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and follow a standardized food safety protocol to ensure that the produce you order from LINC Foods is safe and healthy. We offer food with a farm-to-table story along with the convenience of a streamlined order and delivery process. Take a look at our procurement policies here.


We envision an inland northwest with a robust local food system, a vibrant ecosystem, and fair, fulfilling employment.


Building a regional, sustainable food system by linking local farmers to new markets and ensuring the highest quality products for our customers through democratic enterprise.

LINC Foods is a worker and farmer owned cooperative incorporated in Washington State.

LINC Foods, a Local Inland Northwest Cooperative, is a purpose-driven for-profit business that builds community health and wealth by creating the infrastructure for a local food system in the greater Spokane, Washington region.